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Klara Miano (klaracat) wrote,
Klara Miano

Oslo bombing

Oslo bombing kills at least 7

The downtown Oslo bombing also injures more than a dozen and causes widespread damage. Outside the city, a gunman in a police uniform opens fire at a youth camp, and officials think the attacks are related.

Oslo explosion
A massive bomb rocked downtown Oslo on Friday, killing at least seven people, injuring more than a dozen others and causing widespread damage in Norway's government center.

The explosion occurred near Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's office, shattering glass and littering the streets with documents and other debris. But Norwegian media said Stoltenberg and members of his Cabinet were safe.

On an island outside of Oslo, a gunman dressed in a police uniform opened fire at a youth camp run by Norway's Labor Party. Police said they thought the two attacks were related.

Party officials cited reports that five people were hit by gunfire. News reports said the gunman was arrested.

Video footage from the streets of the capital showed terrified people fleeing the scene to safety, heading away from Oslo's normally bustling downtown.

Nearly all the windows of one multistory building appeared to have been blown out. Another building was on fire. A huge plume of smoke rose into the sky. Authorities said at least 15 people had been hurt in the blast, which they said was caused by a bomb. The twisted, charred wreckage of car was visible close to the blast site.

Residents were stunned by the blast and the possibility that their placid city, which hosts the annual ceremony awarding the Nobel Peace Prize, had become the target of a large terrorist attack.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast, but Norway has been singled out as a target by Al Qaeda.

Almost exactly a year ago, three foreign-born Norwegian residents suspected of being affiliated with Al Qaeda were arrested on suspicion of plotting an attack.

Last week, Mullah Krekar, an Iraqi-born cleric who lives in Norway, was charged with terrorism after allegedly threatening politicians with death if Norwegian authorities deport him. Krekar is the founder of the militant Kurdish Islamist group Ansar Al Islam.

In 2003, an audiotape by Ayman Zawahiri, who succeeded Osama bin Laden as leader of Al Qaeda after his death in May, urged militants to attack the U.S., Britain, Australia and Norway.

Many Norwegians were puzzled at the inclusion of their country on the list; explanations centered on Norway's participation in the war in Afghanistan.

Six years ago, many Muslims around the world and at home were angered when a Norwegian newspaper published cartoons from Denmark that protesters said insulted the prophet Muhammad.
Oslo is also a contributor to the aerial campaign over Libya.


Что о таких сказать? УБЛЮДКИ.

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