Klara Miano (klaracat) wrote,
Klara Miano

О чем они думают?

Получила письмо на спам-фильтер.
И о чем зти уроды думают? Я им дам всю информацию чтоб меня могли ограбить?Неужели есть еще настолько умственно неполноценыезаторможенные,что покупаются а такую бредятину?


Dear Beloved,

I am Mrs.Bridget Caldwell from leeds united kingdom and am suffering from a rare cancerous Ailment.I was married to Mr.Robert Caldwell,he worked with Chevron/Texaco in the UK for twelve years before he died in 2005. My late husband deposited the sum of £2.5 Million (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds) with a Bank in United Kingdom.
Recently my Doctor's have told me that I have limited time to live due to the stroke and cancerous problems I am suffering from and in light of this i have decided to donate this fund to you because i want it used as part of my husband's efforts to fund the upkeep of widows and charities worldwide.I know this seems very odd and unbelievable to you.I took this decision because at this point in my life i have very little to live for,I also do not have any child that will inherit this money and my husband's relatives are bourgeois and very wealthy people.I do not want my husband's hard earned money to be misused.I earnestly await your sincere reply at my email address: bridgetcdw@hotmail.co.uk

With God all things are possible.

Your Sister,
Mrs.Bridget Caldwell



Дорогая миссис Калдвелл,не присылайте мне этих писем. Если хотите со мной поделиться,то пошлите с нарочным обувную коробку наполненую 100ми купюрами-мне хватит.
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