Klara Miano (klaracat) wrote,
Klara Miano

Doctor Who future

Karen Gillan has spoken of her relief at the news of her forthcoming departure from Doctor Who is now public. Late last year it was confirmed that Gillan and co-star Arthur Darvill will exit Doctor Who during its next season and a new companion would be introduced. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show the actress said 'I have known for ages that I am leaving and it's such a massive relief that it is out and I can speak freely about it. I'm back next year for a few episodes but it's not actually confirmed when I go'.

Asked if her character of Amy Pond maybe killed off the actress replied 'I don't know, it could be possible'. Showrunner Steven Moffat has already stated that Rory and Amy's story will come to a 'heartbreaking end' so could the duo be killed off? It wouldn't be the first time either character will have been killed within Doctor Who though admittedly Rory has been killed more times than Amy so far in his travels with the Time Lord.
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