Klara Miano (klaracat) wrote,
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планируются беспорядки?

City braces for massive protests as Occupiers mark 2 months

(11/16/11) MANHATTAN - Protesters with the Occupy Wall Street movement say they have big plans for tomorrow to mark their second month of demonstrations, so tonight, the city is bracing for massive protests at key locations.

Organizers have labeled tomorrow the International Day of Action. They say they first plan to rally in the city's Financial District at 7 a.m., before the start of the trading day.

Then, protesters say they plan to occupy the city's transit system by riding subways and trains around the five boroughs in the afternoon.

At 5 p.m., thousands of demonstrators plan to rally at Foley Square near City Hall before wrapping up the day with a march on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Police prepared tonight by setting up metal barricades at the protester's hot spots.

The demonstrations come one day after the city evicted hundreds of protesters from Zuccotti Park, where they'd been camped out since September. Some 200 people were placed under arrest, including several journalists who were covering the movement.
7 утра-собраться у биржи и постараться нарушить нормальное открытие торгов.

планы оккупантов на сегодня 17 ноября.
Празнование 2х месячного юбилея.

3 часа дня-устроить беспорядки в метро
5 часов вечера-собраться у мерии
Закончить день маршем через Бруклинский мост.

Протест-протестов,но создавать беспорядки....
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