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протест продолжается About 400 arrested in Wall Street protest

(CNN) -- Protests to draw attention to the power of Wall Street firms in the United States and world economies will continue for a 14th straight day Friday in New York City.

Demonstrations are addressing various issues including police brutality, union busting and the economy, said Occupy Wall Street protest group.

The group, taking its inspiration from the Arab Spring protests that swept through Africa and the Middle East, has taken up residence in a park in New York's Financial District, calling for 20,000 people to flood the area for a "few months."

Social media fueled those uprisings in places like Egypt and Libya and organizers are hoping it will work in the United States too.

Organizers say they had as many as 600 demonstrators in the area over the weekend, but the crowds have dwindled to about 200 people in recent days.

About 100 people have been arrested during the protests, police said. People were apprehended for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and assaulting a police officer, said New York City Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne.

Most of the arrests came Saturday. There were no arrests Sunday and Monday, organizers said.

Demonstrators have accused police of using excessive force after the release of a video from Saturday that shows an officer pepper-spraying several women.

Police have said they are investigating the incidents.

The protest campaign -- which uses the hashtag #occupywallstreet on the microblogging site Twitter -- began in July with the launch of a simple campaign website calling for a march and a sit-in at the New York Stock Exchange.

Though the agenda of the protest has been posted on the website of the group Occupy Wall Street, protesters say there is no group leader and have spent several days trying to organize and create a unified plan.

"We are gathered here in this place to craft a mission statement, to shape a statement of what it is we want and how we're going to get it," said Robert Segal, one of the protesters.

(Reuters) - Police reopened the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday evening after about 400 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested for blocking traffic lanes and attempting an unauthorized march across the span.

The arrests took place when a large group of marchers, participating in a second week of protests by the Occupy Wall Street movement, broke off from others on the bridge's pedestrian walkway and headed across the Brooklyn-bound lanes.

"Approximately 400 were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge late this afternoon after multiple warnings by police were given to protesters to stay on the pedestrian walkway," a police spokesman said.

"Some complied and took the walkway without being arrested. Others locked arms and proceeded on the Brooklyn-bound vehicular roadway. The latter were arrested," he added.

The bridge was reopened at 8:05 p.m. EDT. Both the walkway and Brooklyn-bound car lanes had been shut for hours, snarling traffic.

Witnesses described a chaotic scene on the famous suspension bridge as a sea of police officers surrounded the protesters using orange mesh netting.

Some protesters tried to get away as officers started handcuffing members of the group. Dozens of protesters were seen handcuffed and sitting on the span as three buses were called in to take them away, witnesses and organizers said.

The march started about 3:30 p.m. EDT from the protesters' camp in Zuccotti Park in downtown Manhattan near the former World Trade Center. Members of the group have vowed to stay at the park through the winter.


In addition to what they view as excessive force and unfair treatment of minorities, including Muslims, the movement is also protesting against home foreclosures, high unemployment and the 2008 bailouts.

Filmmaker Michael Moore and actress Susan Sarandon have stopped by the protesters' camp, which is plastered with posters with anti-Wall Street slogans and has a kitchen and library, to offer their support.

On Friday evening, more than 1,000 demonstrators, including representatives of labor organizations, held a peaceful march to police headquarters a few blocks north of City Hall to protest what they said was a heavy-handed police response the previous week. No arrests were reported.

A week ago, police arrested about 80 members of Occupy Wall Street near the Union Square shopping district as the marchers swarmed onto oncoming traffic.

A police commander doused a handful of women with pepper spray in an incident captured on video and spread via the Internet, galvanizing the loosely organized protest movement.

The group has gained support among some union members. The United Federation of Teachers and the Transport Workers Union Local 100, which has 38,000 members, are among those pledging solidarity.

The unions could provide important organizational and financial support for the largely leaderless movement.

Similar protests are sprouting in other cities, including Boston, Chicago and San Francisco.

(Reporting by Ray Sanchez; editing by Philip Barbara)
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